Name Play

If I can stop one
One little life from pain
I won’t ever live in vain

If I can give you
One little drop of rain
Story that can stop your strain

There was a kingdom
Ruled by a fair king
So many times ago

He had the wisdom
Got almost everything
Here  my story  goes.

Once in the heavy woods
The king of wisdom lost his way
Dying desperately, fading away
Until he saw them stay…

Two lonely strangers
Saved one more life this day
Helped the king to find his way

He said: “No measures!
You can take anything
All you can bring back with you!”

Then in the heavy woods
The one of them was fully robbed
Dying desperately fading away
He lost the sack of treasures
Dying desperately losing his way
Because of lack of measures!

And the second holy stranger
Reached his home in spite of danger all alive
Put some coins in little pocket
Silver ring and golden locket for his wife
And she never really asked him
Why he didn’t take the sack of heavy gold.
Take as much as you can measure
Take a handful – that’s the treasure you can hold.

Give me your hand, we will stand, understand the simple thing of the u-ni-iverse
We will be glad, if we had just the handful of the coins, of the duties in purse.
As much as you can!
You never be fan!

As you can!   
No more fan!   
As you can!   
Be a Man!    


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