One Of Us


Name Play
One of us

One of us can hear so many sounds
One of us can learn to fly
One of us can find the source of love
But everyone is prisoner of his mind

One of us can break fictional bounds
One of us can never die
And everyone is taken over now
And we all are going to lie

One of us can stop sorrow and crying
One of us can talk to god
One of us can save people from dying
But everyone is prisoner of his own

Everyone can hear so many sounds
Everyone can stop to play
And everyone can finish the round
But we all are going to slave

I saw a dream, ray of light is coming to me
It lights my poor shaky lonely day
There is a place
Living outstanding people
And I believe that I will find someday!

Then coming out of madness
The only light of sadness
Takes my hand and moves me to the darkness
And shows me lonely cages
With people on the stages
All playing parts of their lives for ages

With fear and disaster
Slaving their master
Who is here?  
All Minds of fear 

illustration by Maria Leman


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