My Way


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My way is going up                          
No one can make me stop            
I hear the crowd again                 
They warn me that it’s safer to remain  
Where they are                                     
And just to dream of reaching stars     

My feet are bleeding hard                   
I hear knocking in my heart                
But that’s the way I choose                 
I’d sooner die above but never lose    
Never stop                                          
That’s me, no matter what they say  

That’s my way                   
I’ll try to stay                     
In spite the pain                

I know they never understand           
My choice to be alone                       
But I’ll go my way to an end            
If I can stand                                     

I keep on going up                           
No one could make me stop             
I feel an awful pain                            
They warned me that it’s safer to remain
On the ground                                      
But that’s what I could never stand     

That’s my way
I’ll try to stay
In spite of pain
That’s my way
Try to stay



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